Model and a Entrepreneur Etna Karki is one more broad-minded model who can speak her feelings freely. In an interview with a weekly Shukrabar, Etna told about her personal preferences. She has openly told about her preference of sex (not commonly admitted by Nepali girls).

Q: What do you feel when somebody says you are sexy?

Etna Karki : I feel good. It is good to be sexy in somebody else’s eyes. If somebody says I am sexy, I say, “thank you”.

Q: Some think sex is a day-to-day thing and don’t give much importance.

Etna Karki :I don’t think sex is that simple. It is totally dependent on one’s feelings.

Q: Why is sex required?

Etna Karki : After you cross certain age, you need sex to remain healthy physically and mentally. Sex has been practice since ancient time. If somebody undermines it’s importance they are pessimist.

Q: Do you have experiences of sex ?

Etna Karki :Yes of course… with my boyfriend.

Q: Have you watched blue film?

Etna Karki :Yes, I have watched. I was 17 year-old when I watched the first film. I was very excited after watching the movie. These days, I do watch them sometimes and be fresh after watching them.

Q: Should prostitution be legalized?

Etna Karki :Yes it should be. If prostitutes are given license to practice, society crime reduces. In other countries, is a simple thing.


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