Nepathya, the most popular band of Nepal performed among thousands of Nepalese in Sydney, Australia. The event was organized by Magdi Samaj, Australia. The event was lively as the crowd danced, sang and screamed with the rhythm of Nepathya. Amrit, the lead singer seem to have magical powers to spellbound everyone as he was able to charm the crowd like no one else.

The central station of Sydney was dominated by Nepalese crowd as everyone was trying to catch the train to Milson Point, the place where the Nepathya night was going to happen. As the train stopped in the Milson Point, the chorus of the “Chakyo Chakyo” and other popular Nepathya’s song could be heard. It wasn’t hard enough to find a way to the concert hall as one just needed to go with the flow of the crowd. The event hadn’t started yet but the heat and craze was already there.

The event started with some of the dance performed by Nepalese artist residing in Sydney. It was the NEXT, a dance group from Sydney who made the crowd get crazy and flimy as they danced on “Jaalma”, the viral song from the upcoming nepali movie “Resham Filili”. After that another dance group performed on the song “Merai lagi mero maya”, which was also magnificent to watch .

The crowd sang, screamed and clapped when their favourite band came to the stage. Amrit Gurung, the vocalist of the band didn’t needed a chorus as thousands of people who attended the concert were there to help him. He sang and the crowd sang with him, he danced and made the whole crowd dance with him and more than that, he was able to evoke patriotism among the crowd. People in the concert hall acted insane as they were lost in the rhythm of contemporary tunes of the band or was in spell of our charismatic singer.

Though, Nepathya performed in a lot of song, it was the songs like ” Chekyo chekyo deurali danda “, “Jomsom mai bazaar”, ” Jivan ho ghaam chhaya”, “Resham”, “Mero desh” and “Bheda ko oon jasto” that were the spotlight of the event.

There was a break in the middle of the event and to entertain the crowd during the break, Madal, a traditional hand drum was played by Shanti Rayamajhi. The crowd danced in the beats of the Madal and Mr. Rayamajhi didn’t made anyone feel the absence of their favourite artist. He brought a life to the drum as he proved that Madal still has the magical beats to hypnotize us.

Amrit, the singer of the band carried out the whole program in Nepalese language and that too in the tone that’s spoken in the foothills of Nepal. He was a true Nepalese artist who knew how to operate global and act local.

The event was hosted by Dipesh pun and Sabina Shakya.

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