Nirnaya Shrestha a.k.a. Nirnaya DA NSK(Naughty Soul Kid) is manily known as the rap singer of Nepali music but he is Senior RJ at Image FM. He has released a solo album and the second one is in the pipeline which has been just named Mechi Dekhi Mahakali, he was a part of Rappers Union that had made three albums public in the past. He returned from the USA in 1992 and started RJing as a hobby and says that it is still a part-time hobby. He had attained some music knowing in the school days but without doubts he can be termed as one of the best rappers in our country.

Here is an Interview of him published in IN YOUR FACE magazine, April 2007 Issue

Last time someone called you Naughty Soul Kid (NSK)? Who
Ah… Yes just yesterday, two kids literally called me NSK hope they were my fans. I was just out of the photo shoot and the two kinds called my NSK the Naughty Soul Kid. It was nice to hear that.

Last time you watched bounce’s video on TV?
It’s been so long I last watched TV. It must be 2 months back I watched it on TV. Due to the busy schedule I have to leave home very early and land home late, so I don’t really get time to relax and watch TV.

Last time you thought you’ll go out without a shade and a cap?
Just today, as every Wednesday I go to a temple. Thereby today I’ll go to that temple which is near by Pashupati at Battisputali. I don’t really know the name of that temple as it is not so popular temple.

Last time you shot for a video?
A month ago, it was the video of a song from my next album which is named Mechi Dekhi Mahakali till now the song is called Lek Dekhi Besi. It was Nepal bandh, the song is a patriotic one which is based on andolan and the current scenario. This is an experiment I have tried this time.

Last time you thought you would direct a video?
Yes, a month back during the same video I thought I would direct a video though I don’t. As there was no option because there was no director, I, Prashna, Spot boy and camera men were only there so I thought of giving it a try.

Last time you thought of singing a different genre than Rap or pop?
Let me think…Last year I wanted to try a lok song. As it will be hard for me so I wanted to experiment singing a lok song. It would be of a different flavor and interesting to see if I could get that lok feeling.

Last time you thought of remixing one of your old tracks?
No such plans or thought but yes for this album I have arranged a song in two different versions. The song is named Naacha and it has two version one is a serious mix and another is a fun mix.

Last time you met an accident?
Road accident, ah… Around two weeks ago not a big one but a small one. I was in my car and it was a jam situation by mistake my touched the scooter ahead. The guy on the scooter and I were totally fine nothing serious happened.

Last time you were utterly surprised?
I haven’t been surprised for a long time…Wait. It as the day before yesterday, in the morning I woke up and to my surprise I had tonsils. In this hot season also I got tonsils it was surprising and now I have to carry my medicine with me to gargle.

Last time you were nervous on stage?
Nervous…There is always some nervousness on stage but nothing serious. I guess an interesting event was when in the last concert for the performance at ASMN mela as Prashna got sick and she couldn’t come so I was worried but then Nalina Didi performed with me. It was my first time performing with her and it was different as well as interesting.

Last time you debated over rap music or Nepali music?
Nepali Music, Just now in the studio we were talking about Rap Music.The recordist and a friend of mine were just joking that rap music is spoiling the current music scenario and I was defending rap music.

Last time got impressed by your own lyric?
Yes a song for this album, the song is Hami Sangai. In each of my albums there is a song with a story. There was Din Pani Bityo in Da Nepali Touch then Gaunle Jiwan in Ma Nepali and now it is Hami Sangai in which the girl and the boy meet. It was a challenging job I had to record it and re-record it to get the feelings of the song, though it was tough but I’m happy with it now.

Last time you waited for someone for a long time?
Yesterday, we had a photo shoot schedule for 11 but Prashna came to the shoot only at 1 o’ clock. It was a 10 person photo shoot but it went very well.

Last time you were out of your cell’s battery?
It was also yesterday, I had an extra battery but couldn’t find it when I needed it the most. After a while I found it in my bad and put it into use. Yesterday was a hectic one.

Last time you said “When will Nepal Improve”?
Just today, a friend of mine called from Hongkong. She wanted to come to Nepal in June but I suggested her to be her in December due to the current volatile situation. So then I said When will Nepal Improve.

Last time you gave an autograph?
It was after the video shoot at Samakhusi town planning. Lots of kids were there and I had to give autographs to each of them, it was fun.

Last time you watched news and said “Good News”?
It’s hard to remember, now a days News is rarely good. Its hard for me to watch news but yes I guess when Dr. Bhola Rijal released a single I liked the news. It is a change in the current trend of releasing albums and I liked that.

Last time you rode a cycle?
Cycle… Hum… Ha ha… (Giggles) Not exactly a cycle but I rode a rickshaw for the shoot of Lek Dekhi Besi. We parked the bike and we followed the Julus on a rickshaw it was ok.

Last time you relaxed at home watching movies?
Some days back, it was a bandh may be 20th or 22nd March. I stepped back and relaxed it was a relaxing day.

Last time you thought that you could release your album sooner?
I haven’t thought as such as I work sincerely. My previous album is still doing very well. But this time I want to release this album Mechi Dekhi Mahakali soon as it has time relevant songs.

Last Words:
Best wishes always, Study hard. Let’s all hope peace comes back to Nepal.